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Different Types of Ecommerce Websites

POST BY: Global Teleshopping

Ecommerce websites has paved the way for exhilarating shopping experience for the buyers. It manages the online purchases and transactions establishing the reputation of being reliable digital retail marketplaces. Here are three types of Ecommerce websites that have taken online consumer market by storm.


In E-marketplaces, consumers and sellers come together for making transactions easy. Here auctions are made to sell a new branded product and allows the sellers to get the best deal in the market with the aid of third parties. Sellers participate in brokerage to find a competent way of finding a purchaser without the cost of building a transactional website. Sites which fall under this category is eBay.

In E-marketplaces several third parties disseminate information regarding products and services, while deals are processed by the market operator.

Transactional Sites

A transactional Ecommerce website is a site that has the capability to process monetary transactions such as net banking, retail purchases, wire transfers, employee payroll and loan request.

Such sites are mostly comprised of electronic version for a conventional or brick-and-mortar trader or a catalogue business. Customers can search, book, and make payments for different products on the internet and also get after-sales services from the company after contacting them.

Most reputable companies and big brands create transaction sites to build credibility, quality and control of their products and services worldwide. Sophisticated sites enhance user experience by incorporating the transaction method with back-office staffs, such as accounts, catalogue, customer care, sales and more.

With the spread of globalization, Multinational competition, transactional e-commerce sites have gained a momentum giving companies the opportunity to expand their market online and boost their sales further.

Information Delivery Sites

Information delivery sites are created mainly to create brand identity or corporate awareness rather than online transactions. It can be said it is an electronic version of a brochure that disseminates vital information about company’s products and services. Companies provide contact details along how to buy instructions. An information delivery site is perfect for companies that does not sell goods or services online and indulges in promotional activities just to boost the sales of its brick and mortar stores.

The best part of building a modified information delivery site is that consumers can go on a shopping spree online at best prices from rival retailers offering similar products for sale in the market. It is also comparatively cheaper to build.  Details on choices accessible for a specific model of a product facilitate the consumers to “visualize” the construction and get an approximate cost for the model.


Ecommerce sites will continue to dominate the market scenario in the future. They will grow in stature and allow buyers to make shopping simple and effortless.


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